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We are renowned for our unique and authentic approach and expertise, where the emotions and intuition of our made-to-measure service ensure that our customers enjoy an unforgettable experience.
The common determination to proudly pursue our ambition of excellence, where commitment and enthusiasm are acknowledged.
A desire to share responsibilities in a tolerant and inclusive environment, by combining our different competencies to serve a common goal.

Working autonomously for the community in a challenging but supportive environment governed by clear rules, while assuming full responsibility for our actions.
Establishing the necessary framework of trust to ensure that we can express ourselves freely and listen actively, using rituals designed to foster greater cooperation.


Madame Augier campaigned for gender equality, and today, Le Negresco follows her example. Each year, the hotel takes great pride in displaying its gender equality index.

Equity gender

Gender equality in the workplace lies at the heart of the priorities of Le Negresco. We are fully committed to promoting a policy of genuine equality between men and women.
Le Negresco strives to a pivotal role in advancing professional equality and changing attitudes and representations influenced by gender stereotypes. Each year, the management and social partners convene and examine this fundamental issue before drawing up and implementing an employment equity programme that effectively addresses the gender equality agenda. The results achieved corroborate these constant initiatives.

Gender equality index for the workplace

In 2023, the gender equality index stood at 89/100:
- Pay gap indicator: 39/40
- Indicator relative to the difference in the individual increase rate: 25/35
- Indicator for % of employees receiving a pay rise in the year after returning from maternity leave: 15/15
- Indicator relating to the number of employees of under-represented gender amongst the 10 employees earning the highest salaries: 10/10

*Created by the Avenir Professionnel Law of September 2018, the Professional Equality Index was devised to eliminate inequalities between women and men in the workplace.

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