Le Negresco,
a living legacy

Le Negresco epitomises a landmark of the French art of living and heritage and the building embodies the luxury hotel industry of the early 20th century. When the Mesnage-Augier family acquired it in 1957, Jeanne Augier set herself the mission to transform it into a work of art.

Combining Belle-Époque architecture with antique furniture and carefully selected artworks, she turned each space of the hotel into a historical and artistic experience. While Le Negresco has stood the test of time, General Manager Lionel Servant, and his team are committed to pursuing the original vision.

The preservation and integrity of the architectural heritage of this Belle Époque masterpiece are reflected in its identity embedded in a culture of excellence, at the intersection of form and function.

While the sea heightens the perfection of Le Negresco, its spray corrodes the crown jewel of the Promenade des Anglais day after day. Today, after a century of existence, its façade – which is listed as a Monument Historique – continues to shine brightly with its unique colours but must be restored periodically.

Major renovation programmes were undertaken in 1978 and again in 2010. And in 2020, the southern façade needed to be completely redone. The task was entrusted to Antoine Madelenat, Chief Architect for Historical Monuments. The Ministry of Culture, the Department council of Alpes-Maritimes and the City of Nice have joined forces with SA Hôtel Negresco and the co-owners of Le Negresco building for these operations. This year, from mid-February onwards, the exterior lighting of the building will be switched off, but Le Negresco will not be sleeping. After a few weeks, it will rise and shine brighter than ever before.

Likewise, this spring, three exceptional suites will be treated to an haute-couture makeover by Le Negresco’s Tapissiers, who are members of the Compagnons du Devoir. With new furniture selected from the hotel’s collections, lavish fabrics and shimmering colours… the sea views will be sublimated!

Once again, Le Negresco confirms its vow to its heritage and its determination to remain alive for the centuries to come.

Le Negresco, A legacy A legend.