N Le Spa is an exclusive concept whereby every single detail make sense, where the experience proposed could be enjoyed with the same sensations as those aroused by art, where the distinct zones would transcend the traditional environment of a Spa, and where the finest products from different brands would be available, not just the leading names.

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Concept & Philosophy


The art of well-being & well-being in all its artforms

The use of art – and more generally culture – to improve well-being represents a novel approach in the world of Spas. For Le Negresco, it is a logical choice. Indeed, art runs like a red thread through the various areas and treatments. The aim is to offer the guests of the Spa the same experience as they feel in front of a piece of art: one of discovery and wonder, contemplation and emotion, immersion in the artist's universe and a personal reconnection to oneself. Therefore, the concept and spirit of the Spa centre around three principles: Discovery – Contemplation – Immersion.


The concept store gives customers the opportunity to discover new cosmetics, nutricosmetics and perfumes, with or without an appointment. The ladies’ boudoir and the men’s barbershop invite customers to sample the rarest products from our range of leading brands and to enjoy comfortable, targeted beauty treatments while seated comfortably. The highlight of the concept store is the laboratory, where a made-to-measure serum can be developed instantly. The epitome of personalised care.


Relaxation areas and passageways lend themselves to contemplation: artworks, music, and culinary treats served in a dedicated salon, courtesy of our Michelin-starred chef Virginie Basselot. The sauna, hammam, and experiential showers add another element of relaxation and serenity.


Dry or wet treatment areas enable guests to immerse themselves in a cabin for a voluptuous body and facial pampering session.

The Spa’s swimming pool is flooded with natural light, creating an enchanting environment where guests can relax to the sound of music, even in the deep end.

Our Spa provides a truly innovative immersive yoga experience where sound and movement are brought together with digital art to provide the perfect setting for a guided session of escapism. This worldwide innovation harnesses the latest technology to deliver an innovative approach to well-being.

A large wellness suite, independent from the Spa, offers a comprehensive experience (treatments for two, sensory bath, hammam, sauna, snacks) in a private space ideal for private events and celebrations.



Treatment Menu

Hotel guests

  • Wet zone is accessible from 7am to 9pm without reservation.
  • For access to the Immersion room alone or accompanied, we thank you in advance for reserving a time slot.

Outside guests

  • Wet zone is accessible for clients who book at least 90 minutes of treatment or holding a membership card (with access at set times).

design by Jean-Philippe Nuel


“ Heritage is about understanding the space, its soul and its spirit, to ensure that the project is meaningful and adds to the unique identity of the hotel. ”

Trained architect Jean-Philippe Nuel is an international reference for luxury interior design in the hotel industry. Aided by the 30 designers working in his studio, he lends his expertise to a broad range of projects including private residences, concept stores, head offices and cruise ships. Moreover, Jean-Philippe Nuel designs objects for some of the world’s most prestigious houses. His involvement in every stage of a given project – from architecture to design to interior decoration – means that he is constantly aiming at the consistency and impact of his creations. He embarks on every project as a human and creative adventure filled with encounters and shared ideas.


The Spa was conceived as a holistic journey around the senses.


The eclecticism of Le Negresco reflects the French irreverent spirit. The combination and dialogue of epochs lend a unique, contemporary identity to the hotel. The Spa project follows this approach, with its own distinctive atmosphere consistent with the identity of the hotel.


Art is ingrained in the DNA of Le Negresco. The Spa unveils a new aspect of this singular identity, embracing digital art, a conceptual and innovative approach to these alternative forms of expression.

The Brands


Well-being remains a living work of art that we create hand-in-hand with our guests, with the aim of fulfilling their every aspiration. The palette constantly evolves, offering the keys to everlasting beauty. From a surprise to a new discovery, the joyous immersion inside our world opens the path to an increased sense of inner balance and a feeling of well-being embracing all the senses. The magic of the surroundings and the experiences we offer invite guests to embark on an emotional and sensory journey, reminiscent of a daydream.
The expertise of our artists accompanies our guests throughout their journey, ensuring that they enjoy the benefits of our excellent treatments and products, and that, together, we can sculpt the most perfect bespoke experience for their needs.

Olivier Claire – Nature at Work

The Olivier Claire skincare range is the brainchild of Olivier Couraud, a renowned plants expert and passionate cosmetologist. The Olivier Claire skincare products harness and maximise the powers of nature to rejuvenate and beautify the skin. The combination and high concentration of rare and precious plant active ingredients, coupled with a rigorous and demanding approach, have made Olivier Claire one of France’s leading anti-ageing brands. One obsession: efficacy.

Available in the treatment rooms for body and face care.

Vinésime – The Power of the Vine at the Service of Beauty

The French brand created in 2015 by Edouard Damidot stems from a passion for a region: BURGUNDY and the world of beauty. The brand’s own active ingredients are extracted from the vines of Burgundy (Gevrey Chambertin, Vosne-Romanee, Chablis), the region’s rich terroir and a unique expertise in beauty. A genuine celebration of the French art de vivre and French culture at the service of beauty.

Available in a treatment room for an Art de Vivre experience.

Codage – Beauty Decoded

This French cosmetics label was founded in 2010 by Nice-born Amandine and Julien Azencott who both hail from a family of doctors, dermatologists and pharmacists.
Both are firm believers that every skin is unique and that every individual’s needs deserve to be understood before being treated with effective products and expert skincare. The brand pioneered the concept of tailor-made serums, created on site. After a thorough diagnosis, the specific needs of the skin are charted in the form of a “CODAGE” which serves as the basis for the development of ultra-personalised formulas. CODAGE designs and manufactures all its products in a laboratory in the south of France with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, packaged in recyclable containers.
There is a formula, a solution and a code for every need.

Available at the boudoir and the barber shop – Sit-down facial treatments – A made-to-measure serum laboratory.

CHO Nature - Responsible Beauty

The company was founded in 2009 by Béatrice Dubois and Joseph Grivon, both of whom were driven by a desire to promote good health. In 2014, their daughter Anne-Sophie, who shares the same values, joined the family business. CHO Nature is a French brand specialising in the production of uncompromisingly natural and organic cosmetics combining health, exceptional quality, efficiency, indulgence, and elegance.
CHO Nature is pronounced C-H-O Nature and stands for the four components inherent to all living beings:

  • (C)arbon, for memory
  • (H)ydrogen for energy 
  • (O)xygen for breathing 
  • (N)ature representing nitrogen, for protection

All the products are developed and manufactured in the company’s laboratory near Grasse (PACA region) and certified by Cosmos Organic and Cosmos Natural.

Available at the boudoir and barber shop – Seated facial treatments.

Maison Godet - Passionately Devoted to Flowers

Established in 1901 in Saint Paul de Vence by Julien-Joseph Godet. “Julien Joseph Godet believes that the formulation of a perfume is an artistic endeavour. It draws on cutting-edge olfactory colours, inspired by the art of the time and the universal power of the imagination”. Historic Fragrances: Fleur de Reine for the wife of painter Pierre Bonnard in 1908; Henri Matisse’s muse, Henriette Darricarrère, used Folie Bleue in 1925. Prix de l’art décoratif. 
Following a 50-year hiatus, Julien-Joseph’s great-granddaughter Sonia revived the brand at a turning point in her life. Her connection to her roots evolved into a duty of remembrance when she discovered family artefacts associated with perfume. Today, as she retraces the footsteps of her ancestors, she is determined to transform perfume into a genuine piece of art, perfected in every detail. Each bottle is blow-moulded and modelled by a master glassmaker, and the maceration and distillation processes of the flowers respect ancestral production methods.
An olfactive adventure specially created by Sonia Godet for N Le Spa.

The historic fragrances of Godet will be on offer at the spa concept store

Le Rouge Français – Flowers for your Lips

We have chosen Le Rouge Français, a brand founded by Elodie Carpentier and Salem Ghezaili, for our make-up. This certified organic and vegan brand with exceptional craftsmanship is revolutionising the make-up industry by using pigments extracted from plants, leaving flowers on your skin.





Enjoy the infinite benefits of an N Le Spa well-being getaway in the heart of the Baie des Anges. A magical place to indulge all five senses... Celebrate the art of living, the art of slowing down and treating oneself. N Le Spa is the perfect destination.



At N Le Spa, your well-being is a living work of art that we create with you, tailored to your specific wishes. Our palette constantly evolves to give you the keys to everlasting beauty. From one surprise to a new discovery, the joyous immersion in our world opens the path to a new sense of inner balance and a feeling of well-being embracing all the senses.

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