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Dear friends,

In the last issue of Madame, I mentioned our determination to anchor Le Negresco in our time, keeping its place as the Riviera’s benchmark hotel and supporting the status of Nice as a Unesco World Heritage city. We are proud of this distinction and we endeavour daily to do more and better. After two challenging years, all our staff have put their shoulders to the wheel so that our beautiful hotel can welcome you with even warmer hospitality. These two years have also allowed us to develop further and work on our plans for the future.

Approaching Le Negresco’s 110th anniversary, we have had the façade restored so as to preserve an architectural heritage that plays a major part in the hotel’s identity. Since spring 2022, guests have been able to discover three emblematic and sumptuously redecorated suites. The work was done by our own highly skilled upholsterers, who all trained with the prestigious Compagnons du Devoir. That’s something we are proud of as a company with Living Heritage Company status.
In summer 2022, Le Negresco has opened a private beach. Elegance, fine food and the sweet life: a “garden by the sea” inspired by the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Food from land and sea, with the focus on sharing and high-quality local produce. In 2023, we’ll be launching an eagerly awaited luxury: a spa designed by architect Jean-Philippe Nuel -- a unique place for cultivating the art of well-being.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through this issue of Madame.
To all our guests, I would like to extend a warm welcome.

To all the staff, my thanks for the dedication they have shown.
And to the people of Nice, let me say again how proud I am to contribute to the city’s great international reputation.

Lionel Servant
General Manager



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