Le Negresco signals its desire to make our family art hotel, which has been awarded Living Heritage Company certification, a place where young children can express themselves freely and give free rein to their creativity.

Le Negresco has joined forces with Art Kids Company – a major player in artistic and cultural early learning – to organize a variety of workshops online and in situ this spring.


Le Negresco and Art Kids Company will be at your side for half a day dedicated to artistic workshops that are fun and educational.

Le Negresco is delighted to welcome the artist Nairone Defives for the fifth edition of Les Enfants Arty,
on Wednesday, 3 July 2024.


Le Negresco is thrilled to invite young creative minds to the fifth edition of Les Enfants Arty, with artist Nairone Defives as our guest of honour.

Widely acknowledged for his pioneering contribution to the redefinition of contemporary art, Nairone will demonstrate his unique creative approach, with its audacious use of black and white, interplay of curves, dotted shadows, and meticulously interlaced details. Inspired by his childhood daydreams and recollections, the artist ‘creates tomorrow’s memories’ employing a variety of media ranging from painting to sculpture, illustration to art direction, as well as scenography and design. Constantly breaking the boundaries of his creative skills, his participation in Les Enfants Arty event promises to leave participants with an unforgettable experience.

This exclusive workshop features:

  • A giant jigsaw puzzle workshop: A playful exploration of shapes and contrasts, based on the work of Nairone.
  • A black felt-tip drawing workshop: Here, children will become acquainted with the art of drawing with a black felt-tip pen and learn how to use Nairone’s unique style to produce striking artworks.
  • Colouring Nairone’s posters: This is the perfect chance for young creators to dive into the world of pop art by applying their individual touch to the works of the artist.

A (re)creative afternoon guaranteed to awaken children to the magical world of art and good food lies ahead.

From 2 pm to 5 pm, the gates of fantasy will be wide open to children aged four to 10, under the expert supervision of two cultural facilitators from Art Kids Company.

At 4 pm, a gourmet interval masterminded by our pastry chef Charles Bernard will await our young artists. The afternoon snack becomes an edible work of art, where each bite reveals new flavours.

The activity, which includes the afternoon snack, is available for € 55.
Please register in advance by e-mail until 23 June 2024 at

At Le Chantecler restaurant, the ‘La Madeleine de Proust’ menu invites guests on an exceptional culinary adventure for €65.
La Rotonde Brasserie Contemporaine is also proposing a children’s menu for €18. These special menus are guaranteed to appeal to the discerning palate of young gourmets up to the age of 12.

Our previous workshops


"Tell me about the history of art and artists" A workshop led by Gully

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Kids will draw and imagine their own artwork inspired by Gully's universe.

“Animals in Disguise” with Youssef Boubekeur

“Animals in Disguise” with Youssef Boubekeur

[ 19 April 2023 ]

The artist with the blue pen, Youssef Boubeker, produces some extremely realistic characters and felines. Using this familiar instrument, "the artist successfully captures the agile looks and feelings of felines in his vivid, smooth and modern lines". 


“Draw me your work” with Jordane Saget

[ November 2, 2022 ]

The artist Jordane Saget is a modern-day pioneer of curves and lines that are perfectly geometrical, and a past master of Parisian street art.


“Draw me a picture” with Jean-Marc Calvet

[ April 13, 2022 ]

"In my paintings, every character is filled with stories and creatures; it's quite simply life in perpetual motion."

-  Jean-Marc Calvet


Discover this creative workshop on recycled eco-friendly objects that matches Le Negresco's values.



Build your own salon

Build your own salon

“ In The Negresco kingdom, children are treated like royalty… and their parents are too! ”

  Les suites famille


With our Family Suites everything is planned so travelling as a family is as easy as ever. Like an apartment, you have two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large walk-in closet and a sitting area to take advantage of the peace and quiet.



Nice is a family destination. That's why the teams at the Negresco have made young residents the center of their attention.



Spacious, all of the "family deluxe" rooms enjoy a sitting room area with sofa bed, perfect for receiving guests, staying as a family or simply to lay back and relax in the comfortable silence of a grand hotel.