110 Years at Le Negresco.
Chronicle of a hotel
in a class of its own

A photo exhibition from 1 June to 3 December 2023

While it may rival only a handful of other exceptional hotels, there is no match for the prestige, luxury and inimitable atmosphere of Le Negresco. Beyond the comforts and splendour of the hotel, it has been a favourite haunt for showbiz and stars from the art world, sports champions, influential tycoons, businessmen, heads of state, Royalty, eccentric billionaires and members of the gentry since 1913.

Paul McCartney’s stroll © Charles Bébert / « Chasseur d'images » Collection

Stepping into Le Negresco is tantamount to entering into a legendary world. The heavenly hideaway for the finest clientele is not just an exceptional hotel. It’s a myth. 

The fairy-tale that started 110 years ago is a unique testimony to its history. Countless extravagant projects, colossal business deals, a string of famous film shoots (over thirty) and epoch-making agreements were all made in the hotel’s cosy lounges.

Johnny Hallyday, whose driving licence had been suspended, arrives on his bike at Le Negresco in 1967 © Georges Ménager - André Sartres / Paris Match

In the same way as Nice’s old streets, Sainte-Réparate cathedral and the Studios de la Victorine, Le Negresco is an integral element of the city’s heritage. With this exhibition, the city celebrates its 110th anniversary with all its international and French visitors. Drawing from the extensive archives of Paris Match, the custodians of our collective memory, the photographs on show can be seen in the entrance hall, the Salon Royal, the terraces and, as a grand finale, the pergola on the Promenade des Anglais.

Paris Match.