Hotel in Nice :

End of year celebrations The Negresco Hotel

At ‘Le Negresco’


The Nice palace will be dressed to the nines during the holiday season to ensure you enjoy some splendid festive moments. Gospel singers, live musicians and much more entertainment is awaiting all those enthralled by this magical time of year…

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‘BBQ by the sea’ – from 19 June

All summer long, Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland will be serving up a mouth-watering barbecue that is typically ‘Negresco’.

‘BBQ by the sea’, every Friday night on the Rotonde terrace.
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From June to September.

From June onwards, while away the gorgeous summer evenings on our intimate, stylish terrace.

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Come join us for Champagne, summer cocktails, DJ sets from Mr Jaz and acoustic concerts

The Relais bar is also open every day from 2pm to 1am, offering a specially selected range of champagne, whisky, cognac, rum, vodka and more.
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Can there be anywhere better than the terrace at La Rotonde for turning your eyes to the heavens and watching the Nice fireworks?  

To help you enjoy two of the Riviera’s most spectacular evenings, Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland has prepared a special menu celebrating the flavours of summer.

Menu €75 per person, excluding drinks.
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Fireworks start at 10.00pm.
04 93 16 64 00

An outstanding four-course meal with sumptuous lobster and Champagne.
Our sommelier has carefully chosen a different Champagne for each course to subtly enhance and bring out the flavours of every dish.

A great Negresco classic not to be missed.
€120 per person, drinks included.
Booking necessary with payment upfront.
The Rotonde Brasserie

Friday 22 May from 7pm.
Bookings at +33 (0) 4 93 16 64 00
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