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T H E   C H A N T E C L E R   Y U L E   L O GNEG BUCHE_1200x627

Order your Yule Log by the Pastry Chef of Le Chantecler Restaurant, a delicacy of chocolate shortbread biscuit, 70% dark chocolate ganache, creamy caramel and peanuts, milk chocolate mousse.
€75 for 5 people.
Ordering: + 33 (0)4 93 16 64 00 •

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T H E   B E R G A M O T   A N D
H A Z E L N U T   K I N G ‘S   C A K E
NEG GALETTE_1200x627
This year, more than just a traditional galette, choose a king’s delight. A crispy puff pastry filled with Sicilian bergamot frangipane and slivers of roasted hazelnuts. The Pastry Chef, Fabrice Didier, gives you his secret: “I chose bergamot for its slightly tart flavour which is in opposition to the sugariness of a traditional galette, giving it a kick, and the hazelnuts which provide long-lasting
taste and a touch of roasted nutty flavour.
€80 for 8 people.
Ordering: + 33 (0)4 93 16 64 00 •