The European ecological label « Ecolabel » granted to hotels by AFNOR is taking a foothold in France.  It is currently the most demanding environmental certification in the European market. Convinced of the importance of this socially responsible approach, Le Negresco has nevertheless decided to undertake the measures necessary to obtain this label.

By adopting new solutions and with the initiatives of our employees, we are changing habits and methods of work, but also the attitude of our guests who may, if they wish, participate in this scheme. An internal and external publication has increased the awareness of both the team and the guests’ of the important role each and every one of us has to play if we are to achieve a significant impact over the short and long-term.

As the hotel is an old building, devoid of suitable equipment or installations, we are aware that the program we have implemented will be complex and require a substantial effort from all of us. Here is a broad outline, based on 3 main issues:

1) Reduction in the consumption of energy and transport :

Notably, with electricity produced from renewable sources and the replacement of all light bulbs by energy-saving bulbs, with an increase in energy efficiency for the equipment wherever this is possible and also by sufficiently informing our guests to encourage them to make a gesture for economy. Regarding transportation, we favor local suppliers and incite our guests to use hybrid cars provided by a rental car company with whom we have signed a specific contract. Lastly, in the kitchens, the chef promotes produce from our local suppliers.

2) Life cycle of products and waste :

We encourage our clients to selectively sort their waste in bins provided for this use. We have also installed a system of dehydration to treat the several tons of organic waste produced by the kitchens every month. Individual sachets and portions are progressively withdrawn, in the restaurants and also the guestrooms (bathroom products). The consumption of bottled mineral water is controlled thanks to the installation of a water filter machine which provides pure healthy table water for our guests.

3) Water, solvants and chemical products :

We encourage our guests to re-use their towels and sheets and we have taken important measures to reduce water waste. The personnel have been trained and are aware of the importance of economizing water. New procedures have been introduced to reduce the use of chemical substances.

The Negresco has made this new environmental policy a strategic priority and has applied for the European Ecolabel which will be a fitting recognition for the efforts made.

Pierre Bord
General Manager